Freelance Writing

by: Tom Mullen

If you have a flair for writing, a computer and are self disciplined you could do freelance writing for your home business. Many people are outsourcing things such as article writing or even blog content. Many websites want and need people to write up content for their sites. There are many possibilities and most freelancers work for more than one company or person.

The beauty of it is that you decide for whom you want to work. There are some full time freelancing jobs to be found as well and if you find one you like, it’s best to get it and stay with it. If you go to any of the open article sites and submission sites there are normally forums which often have job listings, sometimes called “gigs.” You can also start contacting any business or write up a sales letter for yourself and send it out. You could be hired not only for the purposes already mentioned but also as a transcriptionist or a data entry person.

Companies are cutting costs and one way they are doing that is by hiring people to work at home. If you are completely unfamiliar with freelancing you may want to do a little research first to find out what prices you should be expecting. The amount paid for freelancing varies greatly depending on the type of work and also the company hiring you.

Self discipline is required because most of the time there are deadlines which must be met. This of course depends on what job you are doing but deadlines are very frequently part of freelancing. It becomes too easy to put it off and then find you do not have time to make your deadline. Working at home is great if you can remember that you do indeed have to get the work done.

Freelance writers are expected to become even more in demand. Social networking is also a great way to find out who needs writers. It is good to have some sort of a portfolio or collection of work that prospective employers can see. This will give them an idea of what type of writer you are and what your writing style is. Some company’s will ask that you specifically type up an article for them. If possible, start your own free website or any website and write some articles or stories to show those who may be interested in hiring you as a freelancer. Have a variety of stories or articles such as some on tips and how-to, one or two humorous articles and maybe a heart-felt personal story.

Most freelancers are hired as contract workers so basically, you are doing work for someone else, but it is your business. If you enjoy writing and want your own home business, freelancing certainly is worth exploring. You do have the freedom of working at home and you basically can take on as many or as few jobs as you would like. You will still need quiet time to get your work done though.

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