Usman Hamid to Consider to Join Democrat Party

Anas Urbaningrum, the elected chairman of Democrat Party, offered Usman Hamid to join the party as Division Head of Law and Human Rights. Usman Hamid is the Coordinator of The Commission for The Disappeared and Victims of Violence (Kontras).

Hamid is currently considering the offer and says to Ikristin from that he has not decided anything concerning the matter. Contradictorily, Ahmad Mubarok, chief of campaign team to Urbaningrum, said to that there was 95% chance that Hamid would accept the offer.

One of the considerations is that Urbaningrum is from younger generation of national politicians, which means that Urbaningrum could bring changes on the level of political party and national politic.

Up to now, Urbaningrum has not published the new organizational structure under his leadership.


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