Critical Path and SPC Mobile Partner

Critical Path, a leading provider of messaging software and services, and PT. Supertone (SPC Mobile), an Indonesian handset manufacturer and distributor, have partnered to deliver mobile social media applications to the Indonesian market.

Critical Path’s mobile social networking and media applications will be pre-loaded onto a variety of SPC handsets. The applications include:

— Multimedia Uploading and Sharing: With just one click subscribers can send photos, videos or status updates to their favourite social networks — Phone Backup: Subscribers can back-up, and synchronize their personal content and contacts, seamlessly over the air ensuring the safety and security of their handset. — Mobile Email: Subscribers can send and receive email simply through MMS, SMS or WAP. No smart phone or complicated email client required.

“We are very excited about our partnership with SPC Mobile and expanding our presence in the rapidly growing Indonesian market,” said Mark Palomba, CEO, Critical Path. “Embedding social applications like ShoZu on the handset allows operators to quickly launch new offerings, while also making it easy for subscribers to adopt those services.”

“There is a strong and growing demand for mobile social applications in Indonesia,” said Raymond Tedjokusumo, General Manager, SPC Mobile. “We are delighted to be partnering with Critical Path to deliver a superior application experience across our broad range of mobile handsets.”

Leading Indonesian mobile operators, Indosat and 3, will be the first operators to go to market with the SPC/Critical Path offer. The offering, branded “Go Social”, bundled with a data pricing plan, will begin shipping on sub-USD 80 Boss series handsets in July, 2010.

Critical Path’s Memova(R) suite of applications and services are chosen by leading service providers and enterprises around the world to enable millions of people to communicate, connect, share and organize while providing industry-leading safety and assurance.

With offices around the globe, Critical Path supports companies with their deployments of Memova solutions to drive revenue, boost loyalty, streamline operations and reduce costs.

More information is available at .

Note to Editors: Critical Path, the Critical Path logo, Memova and the Memova logo are the trademarks of Critical Path, Inc., registered in various jurisdictions. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

SPC Mobile is a new and aggressive mobile phone provider in Indonesia and the surrounding region of Asia. SPC mobile always aims to deliver the most innovative and relevant mobile phone products to each and every region.

One of their achievements is being the first mobile phone brand in Indonesia to introduce a full QWERTY WIFI-enabled Analogue TV mobile phone below USD150. SPC Mobile always strive to become the market leader in innovation and providing the best value for money mobile phone in Indonesia.

With over 7 self-owned and managed service centre points on the most populated Java island makes it one of the most trusted and reliable after-sale service support networks providing a high level of assurance and peace of mind to all Indonesia SPC mobile consumers.


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