PKS coalition with Democrat not forever

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The chief patron of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), KH Hilmi Aminuddin, said the permanent coalition the party had built with the ruling Democrat Party would not be forever.

“According to the law, a president in Indonesia may only govern for two terms and therefore PKS` coalition with the Democrat Party to support the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will also last for only two terms of the present government,” he told newsmen at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the venue of am ongoing PKS` congress.

Hilmi said Yudhoyono offered a permanent coalition between his Democrat Party and PKS before he was elected president for the second time in 1999.

At the opening of the PKS` congres on Thursday, Hilmi said he had only reminded President Yudhoyono about his offer for permanent coalition and this was welcomed by the PKS.

For PKS, he said, what mattered was not whether the coalition would satisfy party board members but if it would benefit the people.

“We think the permanent coalition will be of much benefit to the people and therefore PKS supports the government through the coaltiion,” he said.

He said the participation of PKS in the coalition`s joint secretariat was the implementation of the political contract made by coalition parties with President Yudhoyono.

The coalition that PKS had joined was a coalition of pro-reform parties, he said.

“God willing, the coalition will grow in strength. The coalition has worked in detail outlining what has to be done to develop the nation. So people should not be worried that it will become a political cartel because it will not,” he said.(*)



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