James Schramko Announces Free Fast Web Formula Internet Marketing Training

>Australian internet marketer James Schramko offered his first workshop in early 2009, he expected to have 20 clients attend. Little did he realize however that his reputation had already become synonymous with the term ‘cutting edge’. He had to close the bookings at 120 people – the venue capacity.

This event was an unparalleled success, and launched the careers of some specialists in internet marketing niches – from content experts through to SEO champions and offline business consultants.

Schramko workshops are rare – he conducted 3 in 2009, one in March 2010, with a final one for 2010 being held in September. They are all now held in James’ home town – Sydney, Australia.

Why? Because it allows him to invest time (that he would otherwise spend traveling) in developing and implementing state of the art internet marketing strategies, tools and techniques.

His clients, however, are more than willing to travel to become immersed in what is now known as his “Fast Web Formula”.

Acknowledging that not every aspiring internet marketer has the ability to travel to Australia to receive such face to face training, Schramko has just released the DVD recordings from Fast Web Formula 1.

“Even though we had people who traveled from the USA, China, Dubai, Canada, New Zealand and the UK for the event, I know there were others who would loved to have been there” explains James.

“So we filmed the whole three days – three full days of the latest internet marketing strategies – not just from me, but from other industry experts, guest presenters, who shared their knowledge as well. It was an amazing event”.

The Fast Web Formula recordings is comprised of 12 DVDs – viewers can watch them over and over again – one of the advantages over being there in person. They are, however, in limited supply and available for a short time only at

James Schramko is a Sydney based Internet Marketer who fired his boss in May 2008. Since then his internet marketing business has grown exponentially.

James has not just mastered the essential skills you need to be a success on the internet, but he is applying them in innovative ways that have skyrocketed him to international renown.

Before developing his own information products and internet marketing tools, James started making money on the internet in a way we all can by selling other people’s products as an affiliate often earning a high commission per sale, without having a product, or the responsibility of stocking and delivering it.

James continues to developed his suite information products and automated profit systems that are in demand by the top internet marketers around the world (they now call him for advice!). A gifted speaker, James announced in late 2009 his decision to withdraw from multi–speaker events to focus more on internet marketing, product development and innovation, and mentoring students in high-level and ethical internet marketing.


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