The Jared Company Announces ASAP: It’s Newest BlackBerry Application Release

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) June 19, 2010 — The Jared Company announces it’s latest BlackBerry® application…ASAP. Meet JaredCo’s ASAP BlackBerry® app and ogle these features:

• With ASAP, respond to a missed call with a text message, with a single click to any incoming call from a contact calling from his or her mobile number. • Customize the text messages before they are sent. No thumbing during that big meeting. • Create special text messages: “I’m at the concert.” “I’m in a meeting.” “I’ll get back to you ASAP!” No more “I am busy.” • ASAP creates personal responses, professionally and quickly. • No more distractions when distractions are unnecessary. • Callers know why they didn’t get through. Get personal.

Customize up to four automated responses to personalize them with ASAP from JaredCo and never keep people hanging.

The Jared Company, with headquarters in Vancouver, BC, is known for its practical, functional BlackBerry® applications or what the company calls “apps with purpose.” There are no funny face apps at JaredCo. But we do have apps that enhance the utility of BlackBerry® communications with products such as SimpleTrax that provides complete GPS tracking functionality, or JaredCo’s BerryJoose that enhances performance of BlackBerry® devices, enabling a user to do more with their BlackBerry® all through the day.

“We design our apps, we build them and we support them,” JaredCo’s COO, Michael Kader, explained in a recent telephone interview. “We also guarantee every app we sell. You never risk a penny.”

JaredCo’s core values are all client centered. “A satisfied buyer is the foundation for long-term business success so we design and build apps that actually make life simpler or business more productive. We then provide support in-house.”

This two-pronged approach has served JaredCo clients well with a customer base that’s expanding rapidly, buying the highest quality, most useful BlackBerry® apps available.

We like JaredCo’s approach to client satisfaction and believe the ASAP auto-responder app will quickly become a top 10 seller on all app sites. It simplifies life by putting the user in control of communications BlackBerry® style.

Shop on-line at to discover the diverse menu of BlackBerry® apps from JaredCo.

“It’s not what JaredCo does, it’s how we do it,” Mr. Kader concluded.


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