Fauzi Bowo Again States Aim to Proceed with Monorail

The great white elephant that is the capital’s controversial monorail project is back on track, Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said on Tuesday.

“It has been decided that the monorail project will carry on immediately after the discussions on the compensation with the private sector is completed,” Fauzi said during a meeting with the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD).

The state Development Finance Comptroller (BPKP), which was expected to deliver the results of its two-year probe into the so-far disastrous project in April, is expected to announce that the city owes PT Jakarta Monorail money.

Jakarta Monorail officially abandoned the project in 2008 after financial problems and legal disputes.

Fauzi has stated a number of times previously that he wanted to continue the construction of the monorail project pending the result of the BPKP audit, which is expected by the end of the month.

Pylons half constructed in 2004 that still line Jalan Rasuna Said and Jalan Asia-Afrika in South Jakarta bear testament to previous mismanagement surrounding the project.

The monorail was approved in 2003. Under the plan, privately owned PT Jakarta Monorail was to build two lines — the first, a loop line passing by Semanggi, Casablanca, Kuningan, Sudirman, Karet and back to Semanggi. The second would go through Kampung Melayu, Casablanca, Karet, Tanah Abang, Roxy and Mall Taman Anggrek.

According to the state secretary, Jakarta Monorail had asked for Rp 600 billion ($65 million) to cover its losses, but BPKP claims the government owes the company just Rp 200 billion.

Besides the monorail project, Fauzi also mentioned the development of other transportation modes such as intercity railways that will be connected to other public transportation and the opening of two busway corridors, namely Corridor IX connecting Pinang Ranti in East Jakarta and Pluit in North Jakarta and Corridor X connecting Cililitan in East Jakarta and Priok in North Jakarta by the end of this year.



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