Microsoft says Kingsoft no match for Office

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On June 18, Office2010, the latest generation of Microsoft’s office software, was officially released, and Microsoft is confident with that its office software can thump domestic rivals.

“I suggest that domestic firms give up developing office software. If they insist, they will have to act like Microsoft to innovate their products.” Simon Leung, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region, said referring to Kingsoft and other domestic competitors.

Simon Leung thinks Kingsoft and other domestic software firms should take more advantage of Microsoft platforms and technology innovation rather than compete in the already quite fierce office field. In this regard, Kingsoft did not give a direct response but stressed that the advantage of its WPSOffice lies in security and customized development.

However, Kingsoft seems unwilling to be left behind by Microsoft. For starters, before the launch of Office2010, Kingsoft already released WPSOffice2010 Personal Edition to gain more office software market share. Also, Kingsoft is offering WPSOffice Personal Edition for free and has already hit 50 million downloads.

“If every day we focus on competition in the office area, I do not think that makes much sense.” Simon Leung is not optimistic about the other companies’ way of competition. In his view, free software is just a software vendor business model, and the key is to concentrate on the product innovation.


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