New Tax Evasion Scam Suspect from Tax Office to be Questioned

Tuesday, 22 June, 2010 | 09:45 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: A second tax official has been charged for corruption in the investigation of tax evasion scam involving Indonesia’s major law enforcement agencies, after more than two months since the first suspect, Gayus Tambunan, arrested and charged.

Maruli Pandapotan Manurung, former superior of Gayus Tambunan in Tax Dispute and Complain Section according to his lawyer, Juniver Girsang had been summoned by police last week for questioning today (22/6). Juniver said the former dispute section head which has now transferred to Data and Document Processing Center of the Taxation Directorate, had been charged with five charges, three referred to the corruption law and two referred to the criminal codes.

Maruli is charged for his role in handling tax complaints and dispute filed by PT Surya Alam Tunggal, a prawn packing firm operating in East Java, in 2008 over 290 million tax charge and one of the first four companies mentioned by the police in the investigation into the evasion scam. The three others were Excelcomindo, Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger, and Indocement.

Gayus accused his former superior received US1.5 million in handling tax complaint from other companies involved; Kaltim Prima Coal, Bumi Resources, and Arutmin, three Bakrie & Brothers units which has been in dispute with the Finance Department under ex-minister Sri Mulyani since 2007, for tax arrears.

The dispute section handles tax complaints and dispute from companies including more than 140 firms allegedly trying to reduce their tax payment, some of the big names mentioned were Chevron, Thiess, and Ford Motor Indonesia.



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