Terror Suspect’s Body to Be Flown to Jakarta

The body of terror suspect Yuli Karseno, who was shot dead in a terror raid in Klaten, Central Java, on Wednesday night will be flown to Jakarta.

Anti terror squad Densus 88 also captured the country’s most-wanted terrorist fugitive, Abdullah Sonata, who was captured in a bus he was riding on in Boyolali, not far from Klaten.

Officers held two separate raids in Klaten, Central Java. Police sources said they took place on Jalan Kyai Ageng in Gribig, Gergunung village, Girimulyo subdistrict, and another on Jalan Mojopahit in Cangkringan village, Gelangwetan.

Yuli Karseno, an army deserter, was killed near the house on Jalan Mojopahit, a police source said.

The suspect’s body is currently at Bhayangkara Hospital in Yogyakarta and will be flown by chartered plane from Yogyakarta’s Adi Sucipto Airport for post mortem examination at the National Police Hospital in East Jakarta.

Ten policemen were guarding the morgue where the body was kept. Morgue staff kept the body preserved in ice.

Metro TV reported none of Yuli’s family was seen at the hospital, nor at his house.

His house in Purworejo was quiet even though, according to the neighbors, his wife Istihana was at home. The neighbors said the couple had only lived there for a month.

Yuli told them he worked as a shopkeeper in a cellphone kiosk at Klaten’s market.

National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri announced the capture of Abdullah Sonata on Wednesday evening.

“Densus 88 has arrested Abdullah Sonata,” Bambang said in Hotel Bidakara Jakarta, where he was receiving an award from the State Ministry for Administrative Reforms for public service.

“We will continue to make arrests. We also made another arrest by the name of Agus. One of [the suspects] was shot. One of our own officers was also shot in the chest.”




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