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This an interesting post that I found from WebProNews.Com and it’s about You Tube. Since me and my kids were avid users of You Tube, the news really  attract us very much. According to their columnist, Chris Crum, YouTube has recently started experimenting with renting video content as a potential new way for content producers to make money. This will (according to Chris) led us to the question: Will YouTube be the place to rent movies in the future? Sounds good, don’t you think?

YouTube kicked this initiative by partnering with the Sundance Film Festival, from January 29 to 31, making five films from 2010 and 2009 available for rent for U.S. users. Some saw as a failure, but YouTube appears to have found a success, saying that they increased exposure for the films by about 60%.

You Tube Rentals You Tube   Rent Videos At You Tube

YouTube is now looking to expand the content that it offers for rental, and is calling upon partners to bring more to the table. In addition to those five films, another small collection of rental videos from other U.S. partners across different industries (including health and education) will be made available in the coming weeks. “We’re also excited to put out the call for more independent filmmakers to join the rental program as part of our ‘Filmmakers Wanted’ campaign at the festival,” says the YouTube team. Rental payments were made through Google Checkout which should pleased many users and Google itself.

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Since YouTube is the BIGGEST video site on the web, Chris reckons that this could lead to something huge for movie rental industry.

If major movie studios get on board with this…just imagine. YouTube is far and away the biggest video site on the web. What if you could just rent all of your movies from there? That could give even Netflix a run for its money, especially as Internet-ready televisions become more mainstream. Going that far is only speculative of course, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. – Chris Crum

YouTube also announced that it is introducing an experimental version of an HTML5-supported video player. “Most notably for YouTube users, HTML5 includes support for video and audio playback,” says YouTube engineer Kevin Carle. “This means that users with an HTML5 compatible browser, and support for the proper audio and video codecs can watch a video without needing to download a browser plugin.”



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