Twitter’s guide to corporate ‘tweeting’

Twitter 101, which has appeared on the site in recent days, provides a basic yet informed guide to businesses that want to use 140-word character updates – “tweets” – to communicate and listen to customers effectively.

The guide spells out how to get started on Twitter, definitions of the various but specific vocabulary used on the site, as well as best practice guidelines and case studies from different companies that have already used Twitter effectively.

“The results demonstrate how customers are getting value out of Twitter and suggest techniques businesses can employ to enhance that value,”” reads the guide.

Case studies include Pepsi, which is able to get feedback from customers directly, in addition to a freephone number printed on the size of cans. British corporate users that tweet include car part and bike retailer Halfords and baker Greggs.

Despite the popularity of the “Twittersphere” with key target audiences, many major businesses do not tweet and are missing a marketing opportunity, the guide says.



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