5 steps to become a successful Entrepreneur

By: Richa Kaura

Those who believe in what they believe and persevere will be ultimately successful……………….

1. Believe in your Ideas

If you believe yourself and is confident about your ideas then half of the battle is won. Trusting others is may be very easy but trusting yourself is very tough and to achieve real heights and the pinnacle this is the first very step that should be done by a thinker who will be the future entrepreneur.

2. Right Interpretation

Just the ideas are not enough and it’s very crucial what shape you give to them coz they are like soft clay who can be turned in to either a shapeless form or in to a beautiful intact pot. The correct perception and vision is kind of a necessity.

3. Understanding Markets

The right interpretation should be followed by correct understanding of the market in which you are about to jump. Remember in real world one has to cross the tide himself .Whether its law of demand and supply or whether its production model, the Entrepreneur should be focuses enough to create the demand and then to sell his ideas.

4. Financial Literacy

The number and money game and ability to understand it is must for the entrepreneur. It’s not the IQ but it’s the EQ that matters. It’s not the intelligence but the business acumen that matters. So the basic understanding of finance is the foundation for the successful business.

5. Basic Attributes

A successful entrepreneur is not born but created. He perceives and learns from the surrounding .He is a risk taker and a fighter.

And trust me it’s the attitude that decides the altitude of your life. So believe yourself, have a clear vision and never ends the quest to learn and one day you will actually start living your dreams……..


About indonesianurbanfamily

We are a young, Indonesian urban family who are exposed to many things in our lives. This is what we see, hear, think, feel and desire.
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