Social Marketing Online, Can it work for you?

In recent years social marketing has become so common that even a child would feel left behind if he wasn’t a part of some online social media. Everyone from junior high students between classes, to grandma sitting at home, spend a major part of their day on the net. With this in mind, social networking is now a part of our everyday lives.

As a part of the social network, you have the ability to interact closely with around hundreds if not thousands of people, and can also build strong personal relationships. Hence the immense growth in Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Youtube and LinkedIn. The list of social networking sites grows almost daily.

The objective of social marketing is two fold; to do social good as well commercial or monetary profits that helps in attaining certain goals. It can turn out to be a great asset only if used in the right manner, whether used in business or personal lives.

By using social media marketing, businesses can gain immense recognition over the net. By utilizing various social mediums like blogs, video/photo sharing sites and social bookmarking sites, businesses can promote themselves. If you are keen to know how social media is beneficial to the marketing campaign, below are some reasons:

1. It can be used for better targeting. Social media marketing can pull a specific targeted section of internet users who would be interested in the products you are offering. You can easily achieve this through your website. You can reach a wider audience i.e national or international level, by using different available tools. A small enterprise benefits by reaching a world wide audience and also a specific local customer base.

2. Getting a high return. Since social marketing is cheap, this makes it suitable for a start up. After using all the networking tools, one gets all the necessary and good publicity for free.

3. No expertise or technical knowledge required. You can use this type of marketing even while sitting at home. There is no requirement for you to learn any coded language or sit in a formal well equipped office. Most social networking sites are visual in nature, this way practically anyone who can use internet, can use social networking tools as well.

4.It is a lot better than ad campaigns. Many people who use the net are targeted with so many ads that they do not bother clicking on them. Banners and links are losing their purpose because of a lack of trust on online advertising. In Social marketing when you give a personal touch, you will attract more people.

5. Higher Visibility. Social marketing and blogging are interesting ways to spread information. This information which should be related to your website helps in your site’s popularity and awareness about it. For you to draw in a high volume of traffic you will need to create new content regularly. Many of these articles go viral and hundreds of thousands see your message. This viral social marketing can explode your campaign almost overnight.

In todays internet world, whether large or small the goal is the same, to increase your following. From this standpoint, social marketing is a amazing tool. Utilizing social marketing, as well as other tools, is essential to generating more customers, and thus more sales potential.

Thank You for your time,

Doug Danley


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We are a young, Indonesian urban family who are exposed to many things in our lives. This is what we see, hear, think, feel and desire.
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