Google personalises its News service

SAN FRANCISCO – Google has overhauled its news website to tailor pages to individual interests of readers.

“We’re revamping the Google News homepage with several changes designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you,” software engineer Kevin Stolt said in a blog post.

The “heart” of the page was “News for you,” a stream of headlines customized based on interests that users specify when they personalise the service, according to Stolt.

People can also specify which news sources they like to see more or less often.

Google News also features a section showcasing major breaking stories and another spotlighting feature stories attracting lasting interest.

The website redesign included making it easy to share stories with friends using social networking services Facebook and Twitter along with Google Buzz and Google Reader, according to Stolt.

Google billed the changes as the biggest overhaul of Google News since the service launched in 2002.



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