Apple Updates Sync To Combat Exchange ActiveSync Problems

Phones using the iOS 4 as well as those using Microsoft’s popular server – phone linking business tool, the Exchange ActiveSync had reported performance issues that put a strain on the server due to heavy load on the server. Many users complained that they had problems syncing their email and calendar accounts with their iPhones. It has been pointed out that these sync issues in the iOS 4 may be because of a timeout slowdown for ActivSync that falls below the default of 30 seconds.

According to Apple’s remedial instructions, the default timeout need to be increased to 240 seconds and can be done by downloading a new configuration profile. The configuration can be downloaded directly to the iOS 4 using gadget. Microsoft too has suggested the same fix, adding that another solution is being worked on.

While many users online claimed that the fix worked successfully, there were also reports that it failed to work for many others. No further comment was offered by Apple or Microsoft regarding the issue.



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