The Transition- A Flying Car

‘Anybody can buy a Ferrari, but as we say, Ferraris don’t fly.’

Richard Gersh (Terrafugia vice president)

Later in the near future, we may say that a car that flies is more valuable and prestigious than even a ferrary. Terrafugia  builds a car that flies and will deliver in the end of 2011. The flying car is The Transition.

The Transition, however, will be marketed more as a plane rather than a car that flies. Terrafugia is working with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to meet vehicle safety regulations.

The Transition is designed to be a kind of mode of transportation, and cheaper one. You just drive the car to the airport and then fly. When landing, fold up the wing and drive the car.

Now, seeing a flying car on cartoon movie is no longer an imagination, isn’t it? 🙂

source: Straits Times


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