How To Use Google Notebook for Research

By Matthew Bennett

Google Notebook is a useful online tool intended for free public use. Its function is primarily to provide users with an organized device where they can store bits of information that they gather from online research. The information (data, articles, images and links) saved in a notebook can be shared with other users. It can also be viewed by others depending on the privacy option selected by the user. Unfortunately, development of Google Notebook has been stopped and is not available anymore for new users.  However if you already signed up prior to its unavailability, you can still use the tool for your research by following these steps:

  • Use the browser extension of Firefox to go right straight to Google Notebook. Just follow the instructions by right clicking the text links and you will be led directly to the site. You can do it another way too, by typing in your browser.
  • On your main notebook page, select the space where you want to store your notes. You can find the options on the left side of the page.
  • Click the “New Note” title to create a new page. Under this page you will see a few choices like: Add Section, type, paste and cut. Click “Add Section” and put a title or name to the page. Type the title on the allotted box that says “Title”. Since you will be creating more pages as you go along with your research and storing of data in your notebook, it is wise that you organize your notes from the start. A well-organized notebook is one that is arranged according to categories and subject matter.
  • Click “Share” if you wish to share a page or link with other users. You can find this option on the right part of the Google Notebook site. To be able to share, you need to have a directory of friends. Create a directory by adding email addresses of people who can view your notebook. By viewing your notebook, your friends can edit or copy the contents of your pages. You may opt to share your notebook to anyone too. In this case click the ‘publish’ option.
  • Sort out your notes by going to the ‘sort and file’ option. You can sort by title or label, by date, by subject matter or by alphabetical manner.
  • Notice that there is a comment box at the bottom of each page. Your friends can leave their comments here. You may add your own thoughts or opinion on the content of the page by writing in the comment box.
  • Edit the title or label as well as the content of the notebook by clicking the edit option on the lower left side of the page.
  • Copy notes from sources by selecting the ‘docs’ option or ‘export as html web page’ options. Look for these options in the Tools section usually found on the upper or lower part of the notebook.
  • Make your search more specific by typing keywords in the search bar. Click the search button and you will be led to a site where the desired information can be found.

Saving your information and data in your notebook should not be a problem because any information stored in the pages is automatically saved after a few moments. However to make sure you do not lose any data, click ‘Save’ right after you have exported information from its source.



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