PC vs Mac?

MICROSOFT founder Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs are both American magnates who command the respect of the world with the paradigm-shifting inventions their companies have developed.

Gates is almost single-handedly responsible for the revolution in personal computing, which began with the launch of the retail version of the Microsoft Windows computer operating system on Nov 20, 1985. Since 1995, he has consistently remained in the upper regions of any ?richest American men? list you can think of.

This year, Gates, 55, is the second richest man listed on Forbes? magazine?s annual list with US$53bil (RM173.84bil).

Meanwhile, Job?s US$5bil (RM16.4bil) net wealth may be nowhere close to Gates? gold mine, but he is the ultimate icon of the idiosyncratic and individualistic Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Battle of the techies: Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (below) are highly intelligent and good at accumalating wealth ? but one of them will enjoy that wealth along with good health while the other will struggle with ailments.

He is presently invading the world with the launch of the iPhone 4 last week, on June 24; it was the best product launch in the history of Apple Inc, according to news reports earlier this week.

Recently, Jobs predicted that personal computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems are in permanent decline.

Based on face reading, the answer is no.

Gates? current age point is denoted in the mouth area ? and he has a big and wide mouth with good flags.

Remember what we said previously? ?Bigger mouth, bigger say?. Well, Gates? huge mouth definitely means an abundance of influence, power and respect. As a non-executive chairman, he may no longer play an active role in Microsoft now, but his reputation and clout is far from diminishing.

Notice too, that Gates has bell shaped laughter lines (wide and deep but shaped like a bell) ? these are the best type to have because they indicate a person who commands huge respect and has huge authority. The other lines on the sides of the face that go all the way up ? guan jong wen ? reinforces this, as they mean mass public support.

Gates also has a classic lion?s nose, which is an entrepreneur?s nose. The nose itself is quite large, but not disproportionate to the rest of the face.

The nose wings are wide, denoting the ability to generate wealth from a variety of sources. The tip of the nose is particularly bulbous and, most importantly, dips down, indicating excellent business acumen and a sharp financial mind.

Gates nose is also well-supported by his cheeks. This denotes that he has a very good right-hand man and close aides to help him achieve his goals and support his wealth generation efforts. That is why, even with Gates taking a lesser role, you don?t see the company crumbling, or shareholders turning jittery.

His wealth is also a result of his wisdom ? he has a high forehead. Gates is a thinker, one who is always analysing and strategising.

His chin is prominent and bulges out. This is an extremely important feature for people in today?s cutthroat business world. A chin like this means wealth and career positions that are established and rock steady.

In business, this means that Gates is firm in his decisions and cannot be swayed without a very good reason.

As his eyebrows do not extend across the length of his eye, they could be be regarded as short. This denotes someone who is unsentimental and merciless and who prefers to count on himself rather than depend on others. Short eyebrows belong to people who prefer to be unencumbered by partners.

His eyebrows are also straight and do not arch at all. This means someone who has a consistent personality and is focused and determined. The straightness also indicates that Gates believes in measured responses and that he likes to observe a situation before jumping in or taking action.

That is why Microsoft is not as aggressive or as ?boat-rocking? as Apple in terms of its product line-ups.

While Microsoft has sometimes been slow to enter a particular area of technology, once Gates does decide to enter the fray, he will have thought out all the angles and have a clear vision of emerging victorious.

To sum it up, Gates six ?mansions of wealth? position is very prominent and meaty, which means great wealth. The wealth mansion points are two points each on the forehead, the cheeks and the lower chin area.

He also has a square face, or field face character, that is very symmetrical and proportionate. This shows that Gates is of the earth element. Typically, most wealthy people have earth-shaped faces.

Gates eyes are also very strong. He has glossy and spirited eyes, which are known as ?noble dragon? eyes. Couple these eyes with his lion nose, and you have a person with full power, authority and wealth.

Furthermore, his chin is squarish and long, which represents a very wealthy and prosperous old age.

If there?s anyone who can create a new culture, its Jobs, the co-founder (with Steve Wozniak) of Apple Inc and the man who made Pixar Studios into an Academy-award winner.

Wealth-wise, it is clear to see: Jobs has a very good nose, with wide nostrils and a downward-dipping nose bulb, indicating someone who is very savvy financially and in wealth generation.

If we compare the amount of creativity reflected in Gates and Jobs? faces, Jobs would appear to have the superior face.

His most prominent feature is his high and broad forehead. This indicates someone who is very intelligent. Analysing and solving puzzles is second nature to him. His forehead?s width also indicates that Jobs has had plenty of opportunities throughout his career ? he has helpful people and ?guiding angels? to push him to excel in his field.

His forehead also indicates he has a lot of creativity, as can be seen by how he turned Apple around with ground-breaking advertising campaigns and marketing techniques. Together with his small and long eyes, these are hallmarks of a very successful entrepreneur.

Job?s thick eyebrows go upwards like a warrior, a feature usually found on heroic personalities. They are courageous, principled and intelligent and are the sort who will fight for the rights of the oppressed.

His protruding eyebrow bones mean he is more aggressive and will take on a more active role. He dares to stand out in the crowd and be different.

While Jobs may be better as a creative entrepreneur, Gates would be better as the leader. This is because Jobs? sharp and long eyes indicate that he has an eye for detail. Couple this with the protruding eyebrows, and it is evident that he likes to be in control of everything.

Jobs eyes are also sharp yet sunken. Couple this with his thicker eyebrows, and it means that he knows how to find the right partner to help him. His eyebrows represent sibling and partnership palaces. He has the ability to find the right people at the right time.

Jobs also has the high-set ears that are a feature of people with high IQs.

His bulging fortune and virtue palace (the area above the eyebrows) indicates someone who is hard on himself and who is not contented because he is in constant pursuit of perfection.

That is why it is not surprising that Jobs is today listed as either primary inventor or co-inventor in over 230 awarded patents and patent applications.

Jobs, like Gates, is also 55 this year, so, similarly, his ?age luck? is also in his mouth. Jobs? mouth is wide, indicating influence and power.

However, he has been growing a scruffy sort of moustache of late that covers the fleshy part of the area above his lips ? this may not be helpful.

In Mian Xiang (face reading) terms, a good face is one that is fleshy and has good qi. When a person has a fleshy face, he should not hide it under any facial hair.

Jobs has an oblong face, which is known as the ?metal face? in Chinese metaphysics. Hair, on the other hand, is considered a wood element. When one has facial hair on a metal face, it is akin to ?metal chopping wood?, which then creates sparks ? and, hence, obstacles.

Notice, too, that Jobs has a narrower and shorter chin than Gates. This denotes a person who is more creative, but may suffer from health issues in his old age.

Jobs face is also gaunt. In face reading, hollowness and gaunt faces are never good features.

He is especially gaunt around the jaw and lower cheeks, meaning Jobs? face does not fulfil the criteria for true wealth: when a person?s face is fleshy in all six of the mansions of wealth.

So, will Jobs survive his battle with his ongoing ill-health? He?s certainly got the determination and drive to do so. Furthermore, his eye spirit is strong, indicating that he is going through his good fortune cycle. However, the facial hair will continue to mean trials and tribulations.

Furthermore, Job?s fa-ling (laugh lines) do not cross the mouth even when he smiles. That means he will have continuing health problems before he turns 60.

To have a good life after 60, one needs deep and long fa-ling, good ear lobes and full eyebrows. Jobs ear lobes are not fleshy and while his eyebrows are strong, notice that they are sparse towards the end.

Hence, healthwise, Jobs may continue to face challenges.

Obviously, as Jobs has been single-handedly responsible for much of Apple?s success, his stepping down or demise will not be good for Apple Inc.

The fact that Apple may face challenges can be seen in Jobs? sunken eyes (which indicate unhappiness) and bearded chin.

On the other hand, Windows will continue to flourish even without Gates. Gates has been improving with age. Gates face is meatier than Jobs?, which again shows that Gates has better fortune. To have true good fortune, one cannot be too thin.

Of course, good fortune is not just about money, it is also about health and love. So, as a whole, while Jobs may be the more creative entrepreneur and creates waves among techies worldwide, the person blessed with true good fortune ? money, health and love ? is Gates.

via gresnews.com


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