3D TV poses no health threat: Australian expert

The latest technology in 3D television posed no more risk than a conventional flat screen TV, Professor Colin Clifford said on Wednesday.

Fear over the introduction of 3D TVs was misplaced, he noted, and a carry-over from worries about an early version of interactive home entertainment.

“The concern about 3D TV originates with the development, a couple of years ago, of virtual reality goggles which have tiny screens right in front of both eyes which present a slightly different image to each eye,” he said.

Prof. Clifford, of The Vision Center and the University of Sydney, said these goggles forced each eye to focus on a point that was very close, while a user’s brain received images of objects that appeared to be far away.

This was not the natural orientation for the eyes when looking into the distance, Clifford said, and this process raised the potential for “confusing the brain’s processing system”.

“As 3D TV is usually watched from a longer distance it is unlikely to affect how the eyes and brain perceive depth of field, ” he said.

Clifford said there was an argument that 3D television actually created less of a conflict for the brain’s vision interpretation processes than ordinary 2D television.

He advised all televisions should be watched from a distance of two to three meters and within recommended daily time limits.

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2 Responses to 3D TV poses no health threat: Australian expert

  1. william wallace says:

    The TV is not the problem the PROBLEM being the
    constant torrent of utter rubbish / garbage which it
    produces / in the main meaningless Mumbo Jumbo.

    At present times there being only one thing coming
    from the TV worldwide that be worthy of comment
    such being (prem rawat) whom talks at depth upon
    the spiritual journey/// the development of human
    understanding / experience, such development that
    for centuries in having been very very very limited.

    When the prophets came they were limited in that
    which could be given in knowledge / understanding
    being that at such times abled to read / write /was
    not the common practice / where one giving their
    independent thoughts / would result in losing / life.

    Thus in JESUS whom speaking in parables, where
    those of understanding could then interpretate for
    those having ears to hear an open heart to receive.

    Such passing of time / tide brings the prophets as
    of MUHAMMAD ( arab prophet founder of Islam.
    With MUHAMMAD the message the teaching less
    parable more in clear meaning as DEVELOPMENT
    of a human brain had advanced beyond an parable.

    Of course the problem came with interpretation of
    the mesage / as t’was old ancient tribal allegiances
    coming against modern thought as understanding,
    such was common for all nations / those in wishing
    progress / as those whom wish clinging to the past
    thus the eventual outcome was divided nations/ as
    of wars /FRENCH revolution / as mother RUSSIA
    SPAIN / BRITAIN / unfortunate fact t’was conflict
    used settling dispute / not the engagement of brain.

    There be those whom give their life in aiding human
    progress / in speaking of that which unites humanity
    where against those whom have taken many lifes in
    their dividing of humanity. Where some put water on
    the fire of human emotions, where others pour petrol
    on the flames of emotions till not only one home ablaze
    also the village /the town /the city /the nation /ablaze
    heartless souls whom having divided nations in conflict.

    It being in such the darkest times the Almighty /Allah
    sends the prophets to quell the flames of emotion, thus
    in reminding the purpose of creation / be that it sustain
    the human form / the purpose of the human form / that
    via heart / brain being gradual /ongoing development in
    understanding as experience / thus bringing in unfolding
    all knowledge unto humanity / the gain of enlightenment.

    Humanity having been blessed by the prophets whom but
    the servants of creation / it but sad in their time in having
    but given not the welcome they were due /as in deserving
    thus our praise more in memory / we must become wiser.

    In present times the prophet /the master /the king of kings
    the spiritual teacher of all teachers be PREM RAWAT whom
    the servant of creation /whom has come in guiding humanity.

    Not to speak in parables as CHRIST /not in clearer words as
    did MUHAMMAD /// BUT to speak with clarity / unto each
    heart / with CHIST came an spring in quenching ones thirst
    MUHAMMED in having brought a oasis to flower the desert.
    With PREM RAWAT its an ocean of LOVE that brought with
    every incoming tide of breath / that humanity knowing truth
    beyond all doubt / that a heaven will be established on earth.

    Brothers & Sisters let us honour the living master // in their
    living / not in memory // Once again humanity be blessed in
    the living prophe let our hearts / our ears our eyes be OPEN.

    On PC search (words of peace) as (prem rawat foundation) on
    both stes videos of PREM RAWAT speak at depth on spiritual
    understanding / experience // such are words for all humanity
    it matters not of ones religion / beliefs /// where truth spoken
    such words for every heart / bringing giving creations blessing.

    ps. also find videos of prem rawat on youtube/ though videos on
    other sites be the longer / All suffer from spiritual hunger /thirst
    when the master comes it a oppertunityin taking your bowl /cup
    and filling it to overflowing / thus quench the thirst of your heart
    satisfy / hunger of the brain /its need of clarity in understanding.

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