Gambling Legalization in Indonesia

By Venda

Current hot issue in Indonesia is gambling legalization. As a country with the largest muslims, Indonesia faces an obstacle to have gambling legalized. Many muslims finds gambling forbidden (haram) in accordance to Islamic law, but on the other hand, the money collected from gambling is abundant for the country development. Moreover, Malaysia, as a country muslim populations, has legalized gambles with restricted regulations.

To me, sometimes, some muslims have the opposite logics. A few years ago, in Malaysia, there was a regulation that forbad other religions besides muslims to use the word ‘Allah’ and they seemed to agree. While learning Malaysia legalized gambling, they just seemed to ignore the fact.

Gambling is wrong, morally and religiously. To some cultures, it is a habit. When it is illegal, many people takes advantages. The one that does not is government. Government needs money to develop the country. With so much debt, Government needs other incomes. Gambling is the quick one. Have gambling legalized with strict restrictions, such as muslims cannot gamble (like Muslim Malays), people with Indonesian IDs are forbidden, and others.

Should we have it now? No!!! As corruption is our culture, have the law enforcement incorruptible first, then legalize gambling. If the law enforcement is still like today, gambling is just another thing to earn illegal money. So, not today, maybe later. But still, having gambling legalized is a choice that we, Indonesian people, should consider.


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