Is China beefing up its internet military capability?

According to reports from foreign media, China builds a military complex in Hainan province, which is used in internet spy warfares with US.

Following the instructions of Chinese President Hu Jintao, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) starts to be regrouped in order to strengthen its capability of reacting to possible internet warfares as well as performing internet spy activities in peaceful time. In 2004, PLA’s white paper points out that the main goal of its modernization is to build up an information troop and to win information warfares. In order to fulfill this goal, PLA allocates 50-100 billion US dollars to relevant researches every year.

PLA’s training center

A PLA solider is operating electronic information systems.

PLA soldiers install electromagnetic interference equipment.

4.jpg (41.79 KB)

US internet combating platform

Reports also say, in the progression of PLA’s modernization, the military complex located in Hainan becomes the focus, which is said to be the potential source launching internet attack on US. There is an aerospace launching facility, an underground submarine base and a large-scale signal troop. It’s said the tasks of this troop seems to be changed from picking up information sent by satellites to carrying out internet missions.

In the past several years, Hainan has been a stage where US collects information and China tries to keep its secrets. In 2001, a conflict occurred between a US EP-3E ARIES II signals surveillance aircraft and a Chinese fighter, and the US aircraft was forced to land at the airport in Hainan. In 2009, Chinese fishing boats stopped a US spy ship in the sea area 75 miles away from Hainan.



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