American dream’ delivers jobs to Wall Street

When Larry Gould’s great grandfather first glimpsed the Statue of Liberty in 1912 he could never have guessed that nearly 100 years later his English great grandson would take a business back to the U.S. and bring jobs to Wall Street, with an office window overlooking that same statue.

Larry Gould, whose global translation and interpreting company, thebigword, turns over nearly $60 million USD, has cancelled his plans to expand his new operational facilities into South America or Eastern Europe and instead is investing in the U.S.

“The quality of people we can recruit in New York far surpasses those almost anywhere else in the world and due to the economic situation in the U.S., has led to a tremendous response to our recruitment drive,” says Larry Gould.

“We’ve also found that rentals have come down to a sensible level, which has enabled us to move into much bigger premises.  I fully appreciate that the economic downturn has caused pain for a lot of people, but it’s also delivered tremendous opportunities.”

thebigword has just announced a move into newly refurbished 10,000 sq ft premises at 20, Broad Street, a building which connects to the New York Stock Exchange in the centre of New York’s financial district.

Larry’s great grandfather, Isaac Krazinsky, was 32 when he arrived in Ellis Island as an impoverished refugee escaping persecution from  Poland.  Unable to speak the language, he sold matches for a living and when he could, sent money back to his homeland.

Larry’s mother was born in the U.S. and in 1930 returned to Europe with her parents, where she met Larry’s father, and built a life in England where Larry was born.

Larry says: “I was always aware of the American connection in my family.  As my business grew globally, I saw that our competitors were investing in cheap labour in South America and Eastern Europe.  Whilst low cost labour is important, the on-going business’s success depends on its employees and right now, the best people at competitive rates are in New York”.

“Having an office overlooking the Statue of Liberty that my great grandfather first saw really is an embodiment of the American Dream.”

thebigword started with four people in its New York office.  It now has 45 and is recruiting a further 30 to manage work on contract wins with major U.S. Government and private sector business.  Due to the enormous expansion  of Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) which enables people who speak different languages to communicate over the phone and hold a one-to-one conversation via an interpreter, thebigword is also recruiting linguists for this division.

In total, thebigword expects to create 350 jobs in the U.S. and up to 600 within sub-contractors and its interpreter community.



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