A New Move of Amazon

by venda

Amazon has announced a new grocery division which will sell big brands from Pampers nappies to Walkers crisps

Are you so busy that you do not have time to shop? Are you too lazy to go shopping for your daily needs? or are you a customer of Tesco, Ocado or other online grocery store and would like to try new online grocery store?

Amazon has opened its online supermarket with stocks of 22,000 brands to satisfy its customers. What you can usually find in US and Europe but hardly in Britain, you can order them from Amazon, as James Leeson, Director of Grocery, said: ‘Our aim is to be the place where customers can find and discover any product they want to buy online.’

Amazon encourages bulk purchases of products with discounts. Not just that, it also offers unlimited next-day delivery for an annual membership fee of £49 with Amazon Prime.

Amazon move should make other online supermarkets to think of new strategies as an retail analyst of Nielsen Online said: ‘Supermarkets should be nervous as the Amazon name is so well known and is one of the original, oldschool online brands.’


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