thebigword rises to 12th in world rankings

thebigword rises to 12th in world rankings

Leeds, England: 23 June 2010 – The translation, interpreting and language services company, thebigwordGroup, has risen to 12th in the world rankings and has become the largest private language service provider in Northern Europe.

thebigwordGroup, headquartered in Leeds, UK, has increased its world ranking by five places (from 17th) since last year, despite the impact of the global downturn and a highly competitive market.

The global market for language services will reach US$26 billion in 2010, according to market research firm Common Sense Advisory which carried out the study. In its report, ‘Language Services Market 2010’, the firm details the findings of its comprehensive, six-month study, which identified 23,380 unique suppliers of translation and interpreting services across 149 countries.

Globalisation, and the need for businesses to expand their markets during the economic downturn, has continued to fuel thebigwordGroup’s growth.  The company’s turnover has reached US$54.71 million, a 9.6 per cent increase on the previous financial year.

thebigword has invested heavily in staffing, infrastructure and technology to meet the increasing demand from both the public and private sectors.  The company has acquired a new 21,000 sq ft office building in Leeds to house 220 staff in its Global HQ, translation services, and its burgeoning technology business.

A further 45 staff are employed at its Interpreting Centre in London and a new 10,000 sq ft office building has been acquired on Broad Street in New York’s financial district, where staff numbers have increased from three to 40.  thebigword also has offices in Beijing, Tokyo, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Abu Dhabi.

According to Common Sense Advisory, the language services market is growing at an annual rate of 13.15 per cent and is expected to reach UK$38.14 billion over the coming five years.

A significant investment in technology, including the establishment of a separate business, Gould Tech Solutions, will enable thebigword to capitalise on the expected growth of the sector.

thebigword sees innovation as central to its success.  The company’s founder and CEO, Larry Gould, says:  “Innovation is not just the role of our technical staff but the responsibility of everyone from the project managers to our finance team, to make both thebigword and our industry stronger.”

“We’re looking across software and systems, electronic workflow systems, and innovative global telephony solutions to deliver continuous improvement in our services and efficiencies for our clients.

“We’ll be working with our staff, our customers and our community of linguists to provide companies with a high standard of cost-effective language services and technologies to drive their global business development.”



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