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3D TV poses no health threat: Australian expert

The latest technology in 3D television posed no more risk than a conventional flat screen TV, Professor Colin Clifford said on Wednesday. Fear over the introduction of 3D TVs was misplaced, he noted, and a carry-over from worries about an … Continue reading

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Report: Smoking rate within LGBT community nearly double general population

A startling disparity exists between the smoking rate in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community compared to the general population, concludes a new report released by the American Lung Association. Researchers combed through more than 40 separate analyses to determine that lesbian, … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban Kicks Off Muslim Congress

A smoking ban was the main issue when delegates started arriving for the 46th national congress of the country’s second-largest Muslim organization, Muhammadiyah, on Friday night. Continue reading

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URAC Survey Reveals Trends In Medical Management

Preliminary results from a new survey by URAC, a national leader in health care accreditation, reveals that the medical management industry is continuing to focus resources on health information technology, but the ability of consumers to access their information on-line … Continue reading

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Tibetans adapted to altitude in under 3,000 years: study

Tibetans took less than 3,000 years to adapt to living at high altitude, said a new study that could lead to insights on diseases linked to pre-birth oxygen deprivation such as epilepsy. Continue reading

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Biking Together, Keep Jakarta Fresh (Gowes Bareng, Segarkan Kota Jakarta)

Biking Together, Keep Jakarta Fresh Continue reading

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Couch potato kids risk unhealthy hearts

We all tend to feel a bit stiff when we sit around a lot, but doctors say couch potatoes actually develop stiffer blood vessels from all of that lounging. Now new research indicates this is true for young people as well. Continue reading

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