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Gambling Legalization in Indonesia

By Venda Current hot issue in Indonesia is gambling legalization. As a country with the largest muslims, Indonesia faces an obstacle to have gambling legalized. Many muslims finds gambling forbidden (haram) in accordance to Islamic law, but on the other … Continue reading

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Tech gadgets for cops means number’s up for unregistered drivers

BY: GEESCHE JACOBSEN Sergeant Matt Rees from Mount Druitt police pictured with the newly fitted Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. SERGEANT Matt Rees says it is “the best bit of kit … since radar”. But privacy advocates warn it poses … Continue reading

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New rules bring online piracy fight to US campuses

Starting this month, colleges and universities that don’t do enough to combat the illegal swapping of “Avatar” or Lady Gaga over their computer networks put themselves at risk of losing federal funding. A provision of the Higher Education Opportunity Act … Continue reading

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Finland becomes first country to make broadband Internet the law, Australia left behind

By: David Ramli Finland has become the first country in the world to force its ISPs to treat broadband like postal services and telephone connections. From July 1 onwards, every citizen will get access to a reasonably-priced connection with a … Continue reading

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Toyota says 270,000 vehicles have faulty engines

Toyota Motor Corp. today said about 270,000 vehicles sold worldwide, including luxury Lexus sedans, have faulty engines, but the company did not say whether it would recall the automobiles. Continue reading

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Google Talks Transparency, But Hides Surveillance Stats

By: David Kravets, December 17, 2009 Google likes to trumpet transparency and free expression, especially when it concerns the internet, part of its commitment to the corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil.” But despite the company’s recent online public policy posts … Continue reading

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President Ford Approved Warrantless Domestic Surveillance

While the country was embroiled in a national debate over excessive government surveillance in 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct warrantless domestic surveillance, according to a classified memo recently obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Continue reading

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