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Hong Kong: Tradition meets tech

By: Luke Appleby It’s amazing how such a modern, worldly city like Hong Kong can hold on to old traditions – like bamboo scaffolding instead of steel – and yet be so saturated with smart-phones and other technology. After some … Continue reading

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Culture goes missing

AFTER reading about the month-long Jakarta Fair — held each year around this time to celebrate the city’s anniversary — I was glad I finally made it there last weekend. Continue reading

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Culture Gap: Examples of English into Indonesian vice versa

In my ten years, since 1995, as a professional translator, I find that among fellow translators when faced with translators’ block the common utterance is “tidak ada padanan bahasa Indonesianya” which translates to ‘there is no equivalence in Indonesian’ or other excuse such as “Bahasa Indonesia is poor” that can degrade the self-respect of a translator in translating in general. Continue reading

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Top Ten Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers

There are endless symbols used in Feng Shui that have been proven for centuries to enhance wealth, money, fortune and prosperity luck. Continue reading

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Strange Eating Behavior

By: Venda To some people, eating spider is nasty thing to do. Interestingly, this habit becomes one tourism attraction in Cambodia. Though, the experience is not advertised but in two areas in Cambodia, Kampong Cham Town and Sukon, where eating … Continue reading

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First investment fund for China’s cultural industry launched

The China Media Capital, the first domestic private equity fund focusing on cultural and media industries in China, was officially launched after raising 2 billion yuan in the initial stage in Shanghai on June 21. Continue reading

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