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Facebook cited in 20 percent of divorces

Facebook is doing much more than bringing old friends back together. Some say social networking can get way too friendly for people who are married and are linking sites like Facebook to an increase in divorces. WHAS interviewed a man … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home—A Mother’s Guide to a Career at Home as a Translator

By: Joanna Diez In my article I will focus on important aspects of working as a translator at a home based office. This will be a short guide to this job for translators, who have children and who, realistically speaking, … Continue reading

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EU to ban selling eggs by dozen

Shoppers will be banned from buying bread rolls or eggs priced by the dozen under new food labelling regulations proposed by the European parliament. Continue reading

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Google eyes more home energy jobs for PowerMeter

Google’s PowerMeter is a straightforward application for monitoring home electricity at this point, but the company expects to stretch its features toward managing an array of energy loads in the home Continue reading

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10 simple steps to keeping your ID safe

Keeley Hawes, star of Spooks and Ashes to Ashes, talks about her experience at the hands of ID fraudsters. Continue reading

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Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Some women are hesitant to breastfeed after giving birth because of the natural fear to lose their physique. It’s an urban myth, but it’s something that many new moms have heard and would initially believe. Continue reading

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How to Have a Girl Baby: Relatively Easy Steps To Make It Happen

we’ve got 2 cute daughter (they used to be girl babies) without following these steps 🙂 Continue reading

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