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The Converged Media Road to Success

A comprehensive social media strategy enables customers, as well as employees, to interact with each other using Web 2.0 tools, integrated with internal and external portals. Several of the tools available in the market have matured exponentially in terms of their architecture, security and “enterprise friendliness,” making them easy to integrate with existing enterprise applications. Continue reading

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IBM endorses Firefox

Giant IBM wants its workers around the world to use free, open-source Mozilla Firefox as their window into the Internet. Continue reading

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Google to Acquire Travel-Data Provider ITA Software

July 1 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc. agreed to buy flight- information provider ITA Software Inc. for $700 million to improve its search-engine services for the growing online travel industry. The acquisition will help Google create new flight-search tools, the companies … Continue reading

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Integrating Public Relations with SEO Strategies

Most companies today employ some form of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and, as a result, are re-thinking many of their communications practices to take full advantage of the power of the Web. Continue reading

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A Match.com For SEO Linking

Link building has never been easy. It’s all about finding the best match. SEO professionals wanting to take the shortcut by buying links from farms can get themselves in trouble. They run the risk of getting crappy backlinks that can prevent relevant queries from floating to the top of rankings. Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines don’t like the practice. Continue reading

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