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Jobs up 290,000; jobless rate rises to 9.9 pct

More confident U.S. employers stepped up job creation in April, expanding payrolls by 290,000, the most in four years. The jobless rate rose to 9.9 percent as Americans streamed back into the market looking for work. The hiring of 66,000 … Continue reading

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US employment falls

WASHINGTON – UNITED States private payrolls rose less than expected last month and overall employment fell for the first time this year as thousands of temporary census jobs ended, showing the economic recovery is failing to gain traction. Private hiring … Continue reading

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Does Killing Unemployment Benefits Kill The Economy?

The House of Representatives failed to pass a bill to extend unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans until November. The number of people that would be covered is over a 1.5 and increases by at least 100,00o a month. About 5.2 million people get federal unemployment benefits now. Continue reading

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Obama Administration Launches Offensive Against IP Pirates

The Obama administration came out with guns blazing on Tuesday, promising to get tough on piracy of intellectual property. Tighter enforcement is critical to meet the needs of the nation’s economy, said Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel. “Now, more than ever, we need to protect the ideas, artistry and our reputation for quality.” Continue reading

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RI`s cigarette exports to US down

Indonesia`s cigarette exports to the US has continuously dropped as of 2007, according to the trade ministry. Continue reading

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Failing U.S. Education Will Dumb Down Economic Growth

Government and business leaders have worried about the economic impact of declining U.S. education. The day of reckoning may be here, says Chris Farrell. Continue reading

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India’s outward FDI into USA on the rise, creating 60,000 jobs in US and contributing $26.6 billion to US economy

In a joint study by the University of Maryland, India-US World Affairs Institute and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, India had increased outward FDI projects in the US. Over the last five year period, Indian FDI projects in the US created about 60,000 jobs with investments worth $26.6 billion in total. Continue reading

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