Classification of Fb Friends

It’s been ages….. I haven’t updated the content of my MP. Hmmmmm…. getting overwhelmed with the daily routine? Maybe. What I feel is I get so “garing” and dull without writing. Wish a publisher knew this sentence and allowed me to have my journals published, hehehehehe. I think, I wish too much. But dear God, please, make it real. 

Being away from my home on MP, I became more intimate with my newest virtual home. They call it “situs pertemanan”. That’s not bad. Since there I got quite many acquaintances, got connected again with my friends from the goodolddays, connected to some friends from the same alma mater, got many friend requests from my students (which is always ignored since I always answer that I don’t feel like making friends on FB with children, which causes me to get a bad look on my students ).

Getting familiar and getting used to using FB to connect with those classifications of friends, I learned that, again, they can be classified into some.

First type. Call it Premium. They added me, so then I confirmed, or were added by me based on my intuition that they are friendly to my past, even were part of my past, take me as I am and would not mind taking my comments or even arguing with me. With this class, I may be very sweet, yet, in other time critical.
We often chat, post comments, write in each other’s inbox and never get annoyed when one of us be vacuum, thus for some length of time disappear from the comment posting traffic.

Second. Name it Gold.These people never have too intimate relationship  with me. Yet, what they know about me is merely what is good and pluses of mine.They may be those from the same alma mater. We exchange sweet, funny comments, yet keeping apart from dealing with too personal opinions.

Third, they may be Silver. Those like to be my friend, yet rarely post comments for me. It is because I seldom post ones for them. Their status is a kind of far-from-my reach or none of my cup of tea. I find some of them exchanging comments on things like political, ambitious life of career or adult’s stuff.

Last, label them Classic. They added me. Sometimes, I have no single idea who they really are. I confirm them by referring our mutual friends. The scary thing from them is having their status commented on is their first priority. They will post things like giving warning for those who rarely comments on theirs. They express themselves as really annoyed when they find that one or two particular friends of theirs be away from giving comments. Or, They come from my past, yet I have a bad impression on our interaction in the past. Treating this kind of buddy is somehow like handing a burning coal in my hand. They add me. Honestly, I don’t feel like confirming. Last, I confirm for the sake of our friendship in the past. Their status fills mine, their comments are read, but then I often feel offended and embarrased by theirs. Huuhhh! What a friend!

by : Ida


About indonesianurbanfamily

We are a young, Indonesian urban family who are exposed to many things in our lives. This is what we see, hear, think, feel and desire.
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