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On family beach vacations, text-loving teens stay plugged in

REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL. –Two hours into another day of his family’s beach vacation, Brandon Hubacher had sent 50 text messages to his friends in Fairfax County. “Luckyy” the friend zipped back. Unplugging could not have been further from the teenager’s … Continue reading

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‘I Hate My Room,’ The Traveler Tweeted. Ka-Boom! An Upgrade!

Hotels and resorts are amassing a growing army of sleuths whose job it is to monitor what is said about them online—and protect the hotels’ reputations. These employees search social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for unhappy guests and address complaints. They write groveling apologies in response to negative reviews on TripAdvisor. And they keep tabs on future guests who post about upcoming stays—and sometimes offer them extra perks or personalized attention at check in. Continue reading

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Strange Eating Behavior

By: Venda To some people, eating spider is nasty thing to do. Interestingly, this habit becomes one tourism attraction in Cambodia. Though, the experience is not advertised but in two areas in Cambodia, Kampong Cham Town and Sukon, where eating … Continue reading

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River cruise: Mekong and beyond

A cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam is frequently surprising, often heart-rending, and always fascinating, reports Clare Mann. Continue reading

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In Turkey, Sunlight and Enlightenment

Mountains above the Kabak Valley fall to the Mediterranean By: LYDIA POLGREEN TO find the Kabak Valley, drive east along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Park your car when the pavement runs out, and walk (or hitch a ride on a truck) … Continue reading

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how-much cost will you spend when you have dining in indonesia

Indonesia has many places of interest to visit. When you com to one country, you should estimate how much you would spend in that country for holiday. This article describes how much you spend for dining for one day in Indonesia. Continue reading

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Holiday Destinations by Flight Duration

The article shares holiday destinations of many countries by flight durations. Too bad, Indonesia is not included. Is it too scary? Continue reading

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