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We are a young, Indonesian urban family who are exposed to many things in our lives. This is what we see, hear, think, feel and desire.

How To Organize A Kids’ Theme Party

Get excited at your lil one’s bday? Get things done for his/her party now! Continue reading

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Refuse to sleep

Online Mom…. Continue reading

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Classification of Fb Friends

Which kind of friend are you? Added, confirmed, then removed? Continue reading

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A struggle to become a children-friendly parent

Be friendly to your children as you should be to your environment. Continue reading

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Mozilla Released Firefox Version 4 Beta

by Venda Mozilla released their first beta version Firefox 4. Mozilla plans to issue new beta versions every two or three weeks in order to modify the browser in response to beta users’ comments. There is a new add-on manager … Continue reading

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A New Move of Amazon

by venda Are you so busy that you do not have time to shop? Are you too lazy to go shopping for your daily needs? or are you a customer of Tesco, Ocado or other online grocery store and would … Continue reading

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American dream’ delivers jobs to Wall Street

When Larry Gould’s great grandfather first glimpsed the Statue of Liberty in 1912 he could never have guessed that nearly 100 years later his English great grandson would take a business back to the U.S. and bring jobs to Wall … Continue reading

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