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Classification of Fb Friends

Which kind of friend are you? Added, confirmed, then removed? Continue reading

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Salesforce Chatterizes 10,000 Of Its Customers First Week After Public Launch

By: Leena Rao Unsurprisingly, Salesforce is seeing rapid adoption of its social collaboration platform Chatter among its existing customers after launching to the public last week. In its first week of general availability, Chatter has been integrated by 10,000 of … Continue reading

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Google names firm to review software code

Facing intensifying scrutiny from American and foreign regulators, Google has named the prominent Internet security firm Stroz Friedberg to review the software code that triggered the collection of more than 600 gigabytes of data through unsecured WiFi networks in more than 30 countries. Continue reading

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Hong Kong: Tradition meets tech

By: Luke Appleby It’s amazing how such a modern, worldly city like Hong Kong can hold on to old traditions – like bamboo scaffolding instead of steel – and yet be so saturated with smart-phones and other technology. After some … Continue reading

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On family beach vacations, text-loving teens stay plugged in

REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL. –Two hours into another day of his family’s beach vacation, Brandon Hubacher had sent 50 text messages to his friends in Fairfax County. “Luckyy” the friend zipped back. Unplugging could not have been further from the teenager’s … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Surpasses President Obama In Facebook Fans

President Obama, Starbucks, “House,” “Twilight” and “South Park.” What do all of these things have in common? As of Friday, they all had fewer Facebook fans than Lady Gaga. Continue reading

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Social media – with us or against us?

By: Luke Appleby The Web is changing the way we interact and build meaningful connections, but there is a strange undercurrent at work. Services like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg make it easier than ever before to share what … Continue reading

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