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American dream’ delivers jobs to Wall Street

When Larry Gould’s great grandfather first glimpsed the Statue of Liberty in 1912 he could never have guessed that nearly 100 years later his English great grandson would take a business back to the U.S. and bring jobs to Wall … Continue reading

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How To Improve a Home Business Strategy

By: Veronica Hawkins A number of people have now started to have a home business for additional income or simply to save money. It is convenient yet it also has its disadvantages. When setting up a home business, it takes … Continue reading

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Three-quarters of SMEs don’t have own website

Almost three quarters of small businesses still don’t have their own website, and 40 per cent don’t use email in their everyday work, a new survey commissioned by Google shows. The survey of 500 businesses with 20 employees or less, … Continue reading

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Eight Reasons Why New Products Fail

The most optimistic success rate I have run across for new product ideas is about 3%. In other words, 97% of product ideas never successfully enter the market. Continue reading

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Colonel Sanders – Story of Perseverance & Entrepreneurship

Harland Sanders was born September 9, 1890 near Henryville, Indiana. His father died when he was just 6 years old, leaving him the man of the house with a mother and two younger siblings; a brother and a sister. He picked up the art of cooking very quickly and mastered many dishes by the age of 7. During his early years, Harland worked different odd jobs such as farm-hand, streetcar conductor, soldier, fireman, self-taught lawyer, insurance salesman, and steamboat operator. Continue reading

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Create Empire Building

Have you ever wondered how Richard Branson built his empire from nothing? What’s certain is that when he was 19 and larking about with his student newspaper he didn’t sit down and write out a business plan that included owning a couple of airlines, a space program, an island paradise and a financial institution or two! Continue reading

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5 steps to become a successful Entrepreneur

Those who believe in what they believe and persevere will be ultimately successful………………. Continue reading

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