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Former Microsoft chief Tang Jun fights back

Former president of Microsoft China Tang Jun on Tuesday sought to dispel a rumor that he faked his academic credentials in the United States after remaining silent over the matter for the past five days. “I’ve never said I graduated … Continue reading

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Is China beefing up its internet military capability?

According to reports from foreign media, China builds a military complex in Hainan province, which is used in internet spy warfares with US. Continue reading

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Google CEO plays cool

GOOGLE CEO Eric Schmidt downplayed fears over the Internet giant’s position in China on Thursday, amid a row over censorship and the blocking of a search feature there. ‘I want to be clear. The Chinese government has the arbitrary ruling … Continue reading

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Top Ten Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers

There are endless symbols used in Feng Shui that have been proven for centuries to enhance wealth, money, fortune and prosperity luck. Continue reading

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China phone users cross 1.1 billion

The number of phone users in China continued to grow rapidly with addition of 40.8 million new customers in the first five months of the year, surpassing 1.1 billion by the end of May. Continue reading

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Google changes tack in Chinese censor row

Google says it will stop automatically redirecting Chinese users to an uncensored site in Hong Kong a day before its government licence expires, following official complaints. Continue reading

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China grapples with growing labor discontent

Hardly a day has gone by this year without news coming from China of mass protests, labor strikes or violent attacks. In a country where strikes and protests are taboo, these are bold, desperate actions by Chinese angry over low wages, land-grabs, abuse from officials, corruption, worsening pollution and other bread-and-butter issues. Continue reading

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